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Teri - posted: 11/17/2015
    Hey! I haven't played since high school, but I use to play point guard and wing. I'm 5 foot 4, but I can sprint pretty fast. I'd love to join a team to get into the hang of things again. Probably division c or b2 to start. Feel free to contact me☺️ 306.514.3188! Thanks!

Teri - posted: 11/17/2015
    Hey! I haven't played since high school, but I use to play point guard and wing. I'm 5 foot 4, but I can sprint pretty fast. I'd love to join a team to get into the hang of things again. Probably division c or b2 to start. Feel free to contact me☺️ 306.514.3188! Thanks!

Alanna - posted: 08/28/2015
    Hello! I played throughout high school and a few years of rec in university. 23 years old. I'm probably best suited for wing, but I'm versatile. I'd love to join a team or play a few random games if you need extra players!

    Text 306-220-2740 or email

Janelle Martens - posted: 08/06/2015
    Hello, I have played basketball for about 6 years or so now. I've always played in the post position or middle post and I am 5'6''. You can contact me by email or by phone 1(306)-841-7434!

Dancie Henderson - posted: 07/03/2015
    Hi ! I just finished playing 5 years of high school basketball, usually post position odd time point guard, I am 5'11'' !! I'd love to play !! You can reach me at my email or my cell 1306-841-7570 !

Dianne - posted: 05/02/2015
    PLEASE! Let me know if you guys need a player. please&thankyou!

Dianne - posted: 05/02/2015
    Hey! I am interested to play on this league. I just moved here in saskatoon , Hope you guys will give me a chance to play. THANK YOU & God bless! You can email at

Jessica Stang - posted: 01/13/2015
    Hey ladies. I'm looking for a team to play with the second half of the season. I usually play point guard but I'm versatile. I'm 5'6" and can play a pretty good centre in a 2-3. I'd like to play in any division, except a... Please contact me via text as my email seems to have high filters. 306-371-6846.
    I may know of another player who would be interested as well, she's 5'10" :)

Melissa Ledoux - posted: 10/29/2014
    The Golden Girls are looking for at least one, possibly two full time players ASAP. We are in the b league. We could use some ball handlers but really just need committed players looking to play hard and have fun. Please contact Melissa at 306-220-0600 or by email

C Division - posted: 09/20/2014
    Hi All, I see a lot of Ladies looking for a C team, I previously organized the Funky Dunkers but we've folded there are 2 of us still wanting to play if anyone is interested in making a new team, we'll see what we can do😄

shalaine - posted: 09/16/2014
    Hey ladies,

    I'd love to play again in this league. I move away for a year and now I'm back and would love to jump on a team A or B division. 5"6 point guard or shooting guard. please give me a text 6475274451 or email

    Thank you

Nadia - posted: 09/15/2014
    i played for 2 years in 2 teams co ed and women I would like to play to the lowest division. i'm 5'7 you could contact me

Aimee - posted: 09/15/2014
    Hi, I am looking for a team for Division C. I've played for about 5 years in this league, but took a year off last year. I'm 5'8 and play any position but prefer point guard. If you are looking for another player, please let me know (

Erin - posted: 09/15/2014

    I am looking to play on a c division team. I have been playing for 3 years in this league, but didn't play last year due to my team falling apart. I play guard. Let me know if any players are needed. My email is

Ashlea - posted: 09/14/2014
    The Wildwood Community is in need of a coach for their midget/juvenile girls team. There would be one practice a week and games on Saturday. If you are interested please contact Ashlea Farkas, Wildwood Basketball Coordinator at or call 306-664-6735.
    Thank you

Erin - posted: 09/13/2014
    Any scrimmages coming up?? Played three years in college a couple of years back. Anyone need a pg/sg? A/B division? Text meeee 902 322 3204

Alana Ross - posted: 09/12/2014
    I am a forward and have been playing, coaching or organizing teams for at least 10 years. I love to play! Nothing is more exciting than lacing up your shoes waiting to dominate! Please call me at 306-292-7810 or email me at

Jolene Koenders - Slammin' B League - posted: 09/10/2014
    I organize a team in B League "Slammin'", we are looking for a few more players for our roster. Any position is welcome, we like to have fun, and play somewhat competitively. Email me if interested or have questions -

Diane B - posted: 09/08/2014
    The Funky Dunkers have folded:( so I am looking for a team to play on for the up in coming season, there may be a few other players looking to play as well! I am looking for the C division , please contact, I play guard😄

    Thanks Diane

Jillian Hamilton Oley - posted: 09/07/2014
    I would love to play with a fall or winter team in 2014. I played point guard and wing through high school, and I played in several rec leagues afterwards. It has been a few years now, so I would prefer to play in league B, but I will play in any league. I am 5"8. I will show up every time. Please text me (306) 227-8516 or email me at

Brandy moccasin - posted: 09/05/2014
    I'm looking for a team to play on this year, played with a team for a few years. It since has folded. I'm committed to every Sunday. I'm 5'6 I'm comfortable playing any position although defence is my game. I'm friendly and just love playing. Feel free to e-mail me (don't mind my address it's from way back)

Jen - posted: 09/05/2014

    If any C div teams are looking for a player, please let me know. I play shooting guard. Thanks !

Melanie Metz - posted: 09/04/2014
    My name is Melanie Metz. I am organizing the Ball Breakers Basketball team for this year. We are entering into B League and we are looking for a few more players. We are out there to have fun, but hopefully win some games too!
    If you are interested, please email me at
    I am looking forward to the new season and any new players were can get out!

Megan Keen - posted: 09/03/2014
    Hi, I am looking for a team in the B division! I played senior basketball in high school since grade nine (top ten stat leader) as well as two years of provincial basketball. Currently in my second year of university (only playing campus rec)

    I am 5"7' and have experience playing guard or forward (have the most experience as point/shooting guard) with a decent shot from the perimeter.

    Shoot me a text @ 306-881-2880!

    Thanks :)

Emma Smallwood - posted: 09/02/2014
    Hey, I am a first year university student who would really like to play. The basektball coach at U of S recommened this league. I would want to play A or B. 1306-425-8689

Erin - posted: 08/29/2014
    A or B division hit me up, I don't know anyone in sask. I'm 24, I played point guard in college two years ago. I work in fort Mac 2 weeks in and one in sask though. I would still LOVE to be an alternate for a team. 902 322 3204

B team Space Jam looking for committed players - posted: 08/25/2014
    Hey, we are looking for a few more committed players to join our team. We are hard working and competitive, but very fun and easygoing. We range in ages, and are looking for more people to make up our core team.

    Last year we had an issue with shift-workers not being able to commit as much as was needed, so were often left hanging. So if you love to play, have some experience, and can be there every Sunday (for the most part) then shoot me an email!


Amanda - posted: 08/23/2014
    Hi - I'm interested in playing in the b or c division with a motivated, but fun-loving team...I'm 6 feet, and have rec experience. Please call me at 306-715-3151. Thanks!

Colleen F - posted: 08/07/2014
    Hey ladies, looking for a team for the fall, prefer B league, short and strong is my game, you can reach me at

Julia Koop - posted: 08/05/2014
    Hi Everyone!

    I would love to play in the B Division but I am willing to play in any league. I played basketball in high school and haven't played much since. I'm 6' and play strong under the basket. I'm a pretty decent shot.

    I can be reached by email ( or by text (306)-270-5773.

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