Covid Protocols - Sept 17, 2021

Below are the Covid protocols taken from the BSI website as they pertain to return to play. We understand as do you that these protocols are fluid and can change as our provincial situation changes. We encourage you to review the "Return to Sport" found on the BSI website.

Basketball Saskatchewan Return to Sport
Latest Update: September 17th, 2021

Provincial Public Health Order Document

Further Clarification in Regards to the Newly Implemented Public Health Order

Masking Order (See Attached for Full Order)

Effective from September 17th until October 20th 2021

Summary of Order as it Pertains to Basketball:

Subject to the exemptions set out (below), all individuals shall wear a face covering when in the following enclosed settings:

Places for sports and recreational activities, such as gyms, ice arenas, pools, gymnastics facilities, dance facilities, or indoor court or field facilities;
Public areas of a university or college campus, such as a library or student union building, classrooms, hallways, administration offices, and other common areas. For greater certainty, public areas do not include student residences;
A school or independent school as defined in The Education Act, 1995, excluding home schools;
Exemptions as it Pertains to Basketball:

Subject to subsection (g) of the Order, individuals who, in the determination of a health professional, are unable to wear a face covering due to a particular medical condition and have received written confirmation of same in accordance with subsection (f);

Individuals 18 years of age and older while participating in athletic or sports activities, for the duration of the sport or activity only, so long as they are subject to a proof of vaccination policy; and

Individuals who are under the age of 18 years while participating in athletic or sports activities, for the duration of the sport or activity only

At this point, coaches and officials are NOT exempt from wearing a mask. We have put forward exemption requests for Officials and will notify our membership if that request is granted.

For those adult leagues looking to make use of the exemption for players to not wear masks due to a proof of vaccination policy, we have been advised that the policy needs to be an actual document and that for legal reasons it should include the following: any exemptions according to human rights laws, process for negative test result submission as an alternative, and information on the process for storing personal health information.

Double Vaccination/Negative Test Result Order

Effective October 1st 2021 (sourced from the following News Release and subsequent meetings with the BRT)

Province Implements Interim Mandatory Masking Effective September 17, Proof of Vaccination Requirement Effective October 1 | News and Media | Government of Saskatchewan

Summary of Order as it Pertains to Basketball

Effective October 1 a provincial requirement for proof of vaccination or negative test will be implemented for public access to a list of establishments, businesses and event venues that bring groups of people together, including:

– Event and entertainment venues, including conference centres, casinos, movie theatres, concert venues, live-music venues, museums, and indoor facilities hosting ticketed sporting events;
– Indoor fitness centres, and gyms.

Exemptions of Order as it Pertains to Basketball

Facilities hosting non-ticketed amateur sporting events, including youth athletics and recreational leagues

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the proof of vaccination or negative test requirement.

We have submitted a request for clarification as to whether “recreational leagues” includes adult leagues or if it is specific to youth athletics, and if adults associated with non-ticketed amateur sporting events (coaches, officials, spectators) are also exempt.

Ticketed amateur sporting events, such as tournaments where you pay a fee at the door, are not covered under the current exemption and must have a Double Vaccination/Negative Test Result policy in place.

Basketball Saskatchewan is in the process of creating a policy for our internal operations in regards to Double Vaccination/Negative Test Order and we will share resources as needed with our member organizations, but please note that BSI is not requiring all member organizations to follow our own policy and that they can create their own policy to follow as long as it meets the minimum standards laid out by the Government of Saskatchewan Public Health Orders.

Additional information will be released next week by the Government that will assist in the logistics of enforcement, including the QR Code App. As we get more information we will share that with our membership as well.
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