All league games are played under FIBA rules.


1.To be eligible to play each player must be female and registered on the website.

2.Eligible players may be added to a team's roster until the first game after the New Year. After that time, teams wishing to add new players must petition the league administrator for approval under circumstances (injuries, etc.) where a new player is needed.

3.A player not on a team's roster is an ineligible player. Any team using an ineligible player forfeits the game. All players must appear on the roster prior to their play in any game.

4.Registration of a player with a member team shall also constitute affiliation with Basketball Saskatchewan Inc. and Basketball Canada.

5.No player may be on the roster of more than one team in the league.

6.No roster shall include any person on the roster of any university, college or high school basketball team during the same season of play, unless approval of the league administrator is first obtained.

7.High school students in Grade 12 who are not playing on a high school team may apply to the league administrator to play in the league. Application must be in writing to the league administrator before that player may play in any league games.

8.No roster shall include any person under the age of 18 years, unless approval of the administrator is first obtained.

9.All players must play in at least five regular season's games in order to be eligible for playoffs. Exceptions can be made for injuries and maternity leaves with approval of the administrator.


1.Teams are allowed to pull up players from LOWER DIVISIONS when they are short players during the REGULAR SEASON.

2.You are not allowed to pick up a player that plays in the same division with the exception of the lowest division.

3. A player is only allowed to pick up with other teams a total of three times. On the fourth time, they become ineligible for their registered team/division, although they may join a team in a higher division. They would still have to meet the minimum number of games with that team to be eligible for play-offs.

4.The opposing captain should be informed of any pick-up players at each game. The player must be CLEARLY marked on the scoresheet, along with the TEAM and DIVISION they normally play for.

5.It is up to each player to keep track of how many games they pick up with another team. Anyone caught playing with their regular team after they have exceeded the maximum number of games will face a game suspension. Also, any team caught playing with an ineligible player will forfeit the game.


1.The Administrator shall decide all questions regarding scheduling, and shall have the exclusive authority to re-schedule games. If a team is not able to play at the scheduled time they must inform the administrator and opposing team as early as possible. A minimum of SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS written notice is required to cancel a game without it being a default. The game can then be re-scheduled to a time agreeable to both teams but if this is not possible the team that cancelled the game forfeits the game.

2.A team may start the game with four players but must have five players present by the end of the first quarter or it is a default.

3.The defaulting team loses their $100 default fee and will be asked to submit another $200 default cheque to the league. The forfeiting team loses the game 20-0. The team being awarded the victory as a result of the default shall receive $50.

4. Play off schedules will not be altered. Default fees will apply.

Player Conduct

1. Any player charged with two technical fouls in a single game shall be suspended from league play for three games. The player, through his team representative, may appeal to the league President within five days of the game to have their case reviewed.

2. Any player suspended for a second time in any season shall be suspended for a minimum of five games.

3. Any player involved in a fight or physical altercation will not be permitted to play in a minimum of 10 games. The 10 game suspension will carry into the following season if there are not enough games left in the season to complete the suspension.

4. Verbal abuse towards scorekeeping officials or referees will not be tolerated and will result in a two game supsension. Repeated or escalating acts of aggression, verbal abuse, unsportsmanlike behaviour will be addressed through expulsion from the league.

5. The league convener reserves the right to implement suspensions, expulsions and financial fines for conduct that is deemed excessively rough, dangerous, unsportsmanlike, aggressive and/or any negative behaviour that presents itself from one season to the nest which places either the psychological or physical well being of other players, fans, scorekeepers, refs or any league volunteer or staff member at risk. Harassment is not acceptable in any environment and will not be tolerated within this league. All players have a responsibility to maintain a harassment free league.

6. Any behaviours not specifically identified within this constitution ail be addressed on a case by case basis at the discretion of the league convener through consultation with refs, scorekeepers, fans and players. The league convener reserves the right to implement disciplinary measures when warranted in any situation not described within this constitution.